Day One Statewide Expansion Project

Our Mission

Day One is dedicated to breaking intergenerational cycles of poor mental health by fostering resilience in underserved communities.


We provide quality therapeutic, educational, and support services to enhance the well-being and resiliency of underserved families, individuals, and children.

Project Summary

Our initiative aims to achieve critical goals for Day One’s growth and impact:

  • Secure funding for expansion throughout Utah, broadening our reach to provide essential services.
  • Raise awareness about our mission and programs through inventive events, fostering understanding and support.
  • Highlight the importance of building resilience, inspiring perseverance and collaboration within underserved communities.


Day One’s mission comes to life through our three impactful programs:

  1. Charitable Mental Health Program Offering quality therapeutic services to underserved populations, regardless of their ability to pay.

  2. Transition to Adult Living (TAL) Home Starter Kits Program Providing essential home item kits to teens aged 18-21 exiting foster care, enabling them to thrive independently.

  3. Resiliency Workshop Program Offering engaging and interactive training on Resiliency Skills to equip individuals with the ability to navigate life’s challenges.

Program/Project Goal

  • Expand to underserved communities statewide.
  • Establish mental health partnerships in Utah’s top 10 major population centers.
  • Extend the TAL kits program to these centers and provide shipping to rural areas.
  • Expand resiliency workshops to cover various topics, including addiction, self-reliance, networking, money management, and gambling avoidance.

Our success is defined by launching in 10 major population centers and offering a comprehensive resiliency workshop curriculum.

Planned Events

Donut Bike Race: “Sweet Escape Challenge” Transforming a 21-mile bike race into a 7-mile circuit with donut rewards at each lap, promoting physical activity with a sweet twist.

Arts Celebration: “Harmony of Hope” & “Shine Bright Showcase” Uniting arts and philanthropy through local talent showcases that support mental health through entry fees, ticket sales, and art auctions.

Mentorship Gala: “Rising Stars Soiree” Combining resilience workshops with an etiquette dinner and panel discussions, connecting underserved communities with influential figures for personal and professional growth.

Expansion Project Funding

Operating Budget: Utah Statewide Expansion Project – Year 1


  • Total Donation/Grant Income: $750,000.00
  • Total Fundraising: $107,500.00
  • In Kind Donations: $15,000.00
  • Total Income: $872,500.00


Program Expenses:

  • Total Charitable Mental Health Program: $155,000.00
  • Total Resilience Workshops: $65,000.00
  • TAL Kits: $65,000.00
  • Total Program Expenses: $285,000.00

Event Expenses:

  • Donut Bike Race: “Sweet Escape Challenge”: $7,000.00
  • Music / Arts Show: “Harmony of Hope”: $7,250.00
  • Talent Show: “Shine Bright Showcase”: $6,250.00
  • Mentorship Gala: “Rising Stars Soiree”: $29,500.00
  • Total Event Expenses: $50,000.00

Payroll Expenses:

  • Executive Director Expense: $80,000.00
  • Bookkeeper Expense (PT): $35,000.00
  • HR Manager Expense (PT): $25,000.00
  • Program Manager Expense: $65,000.00
  • Event Manager Expense: $65,000.00
  • Marketing Manager Expense: $65,000.00
  • Grant/Donation Manager Expense: $65,000.00
  • Total Payroll Expenses: $400,000.00

G&A Expenses:

  • Total Accounting: $15,000.00

  • Total Business/Operating Expenses: $15,000.00

  • General Marketing: $100,000.00

  • Rent: $4,400.00

  • Total G&A Expenses: $134,400.00

  • Total Expenses: $869,400.00

Net Operating Income: $3,100.00

Current Project Fundraising


  • Cowles Charitable Trust: $30,000
  • Rotary International: $20,000
  • Kiwanis International: $5,000
  • Ash Grove Charitable Foundation Grant: $25,000
  • JJF Grants for Youth Programs: $5,000
  • J.W. Couch Foundation Grant: $150,000
  • Lawrence Foundation Grant: $10,000
  • George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation: $150,000
  • Robinson Foundation: $50,000
  • Brees Dream Foundation: $50,000
  • Mccarthey Family Foundation: $25,000
  • Costco Wholesale Charitable Contributions: $80,000
  • Wal Mart Foundation: $5,000
  • Virgil P. Warren Foundation Grant: $7,000
  • Archer Family Charitable Corporation: $5000
  • Brave Heart Foundation: $5,000
  • Schmuckal Family Foundation: $15,000
  • Galesi Family Foundation: $50,000
  • Sony Create Action: $50,000
  • Unless Project: $150,000
  • Val A. Green and Edith D. Green Foundation Grant: $10,000


  • Microsoft Ads: $36,000
  • Google Ads: $120,000
  • Azure Grant (Microsoft): $3,500
  • United Way of Norther Utah: $17,550
  • Intermountain Community Care Foundation: $3,000
  • Sally Langdon Barefoot Foundation: $10,370
  • Michael Foundation: $2,500
  • Quality Youth Services In-Kind: $25,000
  • TickTockTech Incorporated In-Kind: $20,000

Outreach and Awareness

We implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase our brand recognition and community engagement. Our efforts span social media, email, website, blogs, newsletters, press releases, events, webinars, podcasts, collaborations with other nonprofits, community leaders, experts, and influencers who share our cause.


Our services primarily target underserved children, youth, individuals, and families in diverse communities, including Black/African American populations, Latino populations, AI/AN and other Indigenous populations, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, other persons of color, members of religious minorities, LGBTQ+ populations, individuals with disabilities, people impacted by persistent poverty or inequality, rural areas, and low-income families.

Contact Us

Address: 2240 North HWY 89 Suite C<br> Harrisville, Utah 84404

Phone: 877-393-6232 ext.3<br> Email:

Executive Director: Micah Lauret<br> Phone: 801-319-6691<br> Email: