How to Cope During a Pandemic

It is not a secret that this pandemic turned the world
upside down

According to Utah’s Coronavirus Community Task Force, taking care of your mental health right now is just as important as looking after your physical health.

Humans are instinctively social, and during history we have observed how humans depend on relationships to thrive. A recent
study says that health experts say social distancing, financial strain and other life adjustments are causing lots of stress for many
people. The pandemic came to change the lifestyle of everyone. It started with social distancing and quarantine, then people starting to lose their jobs. The ways of interaction and recreation had a big change. All this puts a lot of pressure on how
people want to live and how people should live according to the world standards and procedures. The good news is that not everything is bad. There are some positive aspects that have arisen from the pandemic. Some people found that now they have more time to take care of the mind and the body. Something that was not possible before due to the fast paced life. Utah
is considered as one of the healthiest states due to the diversity of activities that a person can do. Furthermore, Utah’s recreational areas are social distancing friendly, with big spaces and parks.

Now let’s talk about some ideas for everyone to cope during these hard times.

Go on a bike ride
  If you are someone that likes riding, keep it up. Not only is it going to make you break a sweat, it is going to help you to:
          * Increase cardiovascular fitness

          * Increase muscle strength and flexibility

          * Improve joint mobility
          * Decrease stress levels
          * Improve posture and coordination
          * Strengthen bones
          * Decrease body fat levels
          * Reduce anxiety and depression.

And if you do it with someone else, it helps you with your social interactions.

Go on a walk/hike

The awesome thing about walking is that it is free. And you can do it when it fits your schedule.
There are different studies that found people who walk everyday have better circulation and less risk
to suffer from cardiovascular problems. Here are some benefits:
                   * Improve Circulation                                     * Slow down mental decline
                   * Reduce the incidence of disability         * Lower Alzheimer’s risk
                   * Shore up bones                                              * Lose weight
                   * Enjoy a longer life.                                        * Lighten your mood
                   * Strengthen muscles                                     * Improve sleep
                   * Support your joints                                      * Improve breathing

Also take into account that there are some other ways of taking care of your mental health.

The majority of people think that to relax and recharge it is important to go to a party or such. The reality is that reading a good book, listening to some music, watching a show, practicing some breathing exercises, doing yoga, or making a cup of coffee or tea can be great medicine for the brain. It is important to find how you recharge and how you find meaning. It does not have to be like everyone else, although it has to be something. If you are struggling finding a way to cope during hard times, make sure you seek help, talk to someone, or look for mental health support. Everyone can take a dose of help every once in a while.

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