Resiliency in these Difficult Times

Resiliency and its importance these days
Resiliency is described  as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Human beings are born with an innate self-righting ability, which can be helped or hindered. Some studies show how humans are wired to bounce back from rough times in two ways: they draw upon their own internal resources, and they encounter people, organizations, and activities that provide them with the conditions that help the emergence of their resilience. In other words, resilience depends on internal and external conditions.

The Resiliency Attitude

Described as the attitude the person has towards a hard situation, and how the self talk benefits the outcome of the situation.  
Strengths perspective
Is another characteristic that focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses. Situations that occur during childhood and adolescence shape a person’s life for good or bad. Who likes to have others pointing out what we are doing wrong? Or what we are not very good at? Under this characteristic we could point out the importance of working on children and adolescents’ strengths since an early age to help them develop their abilities.

The Resiliency Wheel  

It is the importance of surrounding each person and their families and organizations with the six elements of the resilience wheel.
Everyone likes to feel they are important to others, or that they make meaningful contributions to others. When a person feels broken a good way to help them find grit and meaning is by having them help others.

Another element is to increase positive bonds and connections. Generally people feel connected to those who they feel an affinity to. It is here where we find the importance of sports, reading groups, hobbies, and team activities.
Humans commonly push boundaries to get what works for their benefit. Being able to say no or encouraging others to say no, helps create resiliency, and it is essential in relationships.

It is also important to see and help develop new skills. No one can expect to do the same thing over and over and get different results. Often we want things to happen fast, but we need to give it time. Changes are not going to happen in a few hours, or days. They need time and patience. Knowing this information is very important. Humans are often influenced by others in a good or bad way. Take some time so check up how resilient you are and what are the things you are doing to strengthen your resiliency.  Especially when we are living hard times during a pandemic. Make sure you are taking care of yourself.

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