The Importance of Self-Care

Self-care is taking time to yourself in order to recharge on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. The world can be very demanding, and sometimes takes more than it gives. Therefore, it is important to find different ways to restart and refresh.
Self-care can be as little as meditating for 10 minutes a day, or as big as getting a weekly massage. It does not need to have to be expensive or elaborate, it just needs to be something that can help you reset and better cope with day to day stressors. Many individuals aren’t aware of how beneficial self-care really is for mental and physical health. However, being in-tune with
your body and what it needs, is super important for overall well-being. I recently had to discover the benefits that self-care can have. Starting grad school, and my own mental health journey through therapy has opened a door to self-care that I had yet discovered. It also made me realize that self-care isn’t “One Size Fits All”. What works best for my coworker might not work
for me. For example, my self care ranges from going on a walk with my dog, taking a shower where I just stand in the hot water, or even just taking a few minutes to lay in bed before getting back to assignments. This might not even look appealing to you but it works for me, and allows me to recharge. It looks different for everyone, yet it can have the same benefits and effects.
Therefore, I strongly encourage those reading to begin that search (if you haven’t already) of a self-care activity that works best for you. To help guide you along this process I have listed below different self-care techniques/activities for you to explore.

Self-Care Ideas:

– Spend time with your pet
– Get a book from the library that you are interested in and take a few minutes each day to
learning about it
– Intentionally schedule “Me Time” on your calendar
– Listen to music that inspires and motivates you
– Write a list of what you are grateful for
– Organize different aspects of your house
– Share a purposeful smile with others on your way to work
– Buying something for yourself
– Calling an important family member
– Learn a new skill (knitting, sewing, programming, piano etc)
– Turn off your phone and step away for a few hours
– Go on a walk
– Get a massage
– Exercising
– Making a homemade meal
– Write a story, song, or poem
– Talk to someone new or someone you haven’t spoken to in a while
– Take a shower
– Lay in bed for a few minutes
– Meditating
– Get a manicure or pedicure
– Take a nap
– Plant a garden
– Go on a hike

– Make a bucket list

The list can go on for ages. The important takeaway is this: do what is important to you,something that makes you feel good, recharged, and re-energized. Use this skill and map it out in your everyday life. You are important, therefore, it is also important to take time for yourself outside of the pressures from the world. Take care of YOU.

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