How to Stay Calm When Working on a Stressful Project

When deadlines approach on a mission critical project, it can be hard to stay calm. Let’s be honest, it can be hard to stay calm when any deadline is approaching. Some amount of stress is good. It pushes you to think in new innovative ways. But you want to be careful, if you let your stress build too much, it can really start to put a strain on your ability to get things done. If you’re experiencing high levels of stress at work, try the following to help you regain control.

Schedule Time for Breaks

Take a break?! But you already don’t have enough time! — Or so you might think. Actually, by taking a break, you can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. When you take a break from a project, your brain will subconsciously be working on the problems. The break will allow you to return with a better perspective on the problems you are facing. To be most effective these breaks should be scheduled. It’s recommended that you take short breaks every hour. Even if you are on a roll, take the break. It will help you maintain your hot streak for longer.

Stay Healthy

When you’re working hard on a big project, it can be easy to start neglecting your physical health. Don’t. Pushing hours late into the night will not help you get things done faster. Your tired mind will be more prone to make mistakes. You might gain a few more hours from the day, but you’ll just lose them by having a tired unproductive morning the next day.

When your mind gets into a frenzy it’s common to forget to eat. It’s important that you force yourself to eat at your regular mealtimes. If you don’t, your brain won’t have the nutrients to function right. There are many foods that can naturally combat stress and improve your mental and physical health. Ask your doctor for their recommendations on what would be best for you.

Talk About It

One of the most important steps to combating stress is to talk about it. Talk to your boss and coworkers about what you are dealing with. A good manager will help you see how to deal with things better. They may not realize how difficult your task is and get you some more help. You may even find that others are feeling the same. By talking about it, you have a great opportunity to build camaraderie in the workplace. Just make sure you aren’t complaining.

If you are going to spend 40 hours a week at your job, you might as well enjoy it. Don’t just try to tough things out. That attitude will result in low productivity and a miserable time. Get innovative and look for ways that you can improve your work environment. Start with the tips above and see where that goes.

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